Loyalty Affiliates

What is Loyalty Affiliates?

In the world of affiliate marketing, there are different types of deals between the merchant and the affiliate partner. One of those is the loyalty or incentive affiliate partnership. Basically, a loyalty affiliate is a partner that has the authority to provide the end user with an incentive, such as a cash-back option, for example. Some of the biggest companies that use this approach include CashBaq. com, BigCrumbs. com, FatWallet. com, and so on. The modus operandi of loyalty affiliates is best explained with an example. Lets say that the merchant is giving 15% on all orders. In order to attract more customers, the loyalty affiliate decides to offer them a 5-percent incentive. If the visitor agrees to the incentivized deal, theyll make a purchase, which will bring money both to the affiliate and the merchant. What this means is that, if properly done, loyalty affiliate partnership will make everyone happy!